Creating Outstanding NSFW AI Art with SeducedAI

In this post, we aim to clarify how to use SeducedAI to achieve optimal results while reducing the likelihood of generating unusual or undesirable outputs.

Creating Outstanding NSFW AI Art with SeducedAI

Prompting SeducedAI

Many users have attempted to interact with SeducedAI by treating it similarly to a typical NLP model like ChatGPT.

Unfortunately, this approach is not effective when working with SeducedAI or Stable Diffusion.

When using SeducedAI for image generation, it is essential not to provide explanations of your desired outcome.

Instead, focus on describing the visual content you want the AI model to create.

A common mistake, especially in the 'edit' feature, is users attempting to instruct the AI to "remove the area I painted," which does not yield the desired results.

To achieve the best outcomes, simply prompt SeducedAI with a straightforward description of what you want it to generate visually.

For instance, if your goal is to erase a mole from the skin, rather than using a prompt like 'remove pore' you should use a prompt like 'pink skin' and make sure to select the 'enhance' option.

Using multiple extensions

Using multiple extensions concurrently can introduce a significant degree of complexity to the AI model.

This complexity often leads to peculiar or unconventional outcomes when multiple extensions are combined.

Each extension is trained with specific image datasets, and attempting to employ more than one extension simultaneously can confuse the AI model.

To achieve the most favorable results, it is generally recommended to limit your selection to a maximum of one or two extensions while considering the aforementioned factors.

It's essential to avoid selecting multiple extensions when each extension represents conflicting or opposing concepts.

For instance, Using both 'doggystyle front' and 'doggystyle' extensions can lead to conflicting outcomes as they represent opposing positions.

Combining these extensions would result in an image that blends these contradictory poses, creating an unnatural composition that doesn't exist in reality and would certainly appear 'weird'.

However, selecting multiple extensions can be effective, provided they complement each other. For example, combining 'massive tits' and 'hyperbimbo' extensions can lead to intereresting images, as they're both trained on the concept of 'larger breasts'.

Avoid Excessive Parentheses

Using too many parentheses can result in poor-quality images.

Think of parentheses as weights: the more you use, the heavier the emphasis on a word.

If you surround every word with three or more sets of parentheses, you'll confuse the AI models and receive lower-quality images.

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