How to Create AI Influencers (Without Tech Skills)

Discover how to create AI influencers and AI girls on social media.

How to Create AI Influencers (Without Tech Skills)


Ever wondered about crafting your very own AI influencer, like the ones taking over the internet, such as Sika Moon?

AI influencers are on the rise, with people creating artificial personas on social media and successfully capitalizing on their virtual presence.

Surprisingly, audiences are indifferent to the fact that these influencers are AI-generated; the allure lies in the fantasy they create.

What makes this trend even cooler? It requires no substantial investment.

Forget about jetting off to Bali or splurging on expensive wardrobes.

With AI, you can bring your AI influencer to life in any setting, wearing any outfit, all from the comfort of your room. In this post, we'll delve into the step-by-step process of creating an AI influencer using SeducedAI.

Examples of AI Influencers

Sika Moon

The Instagram account Sika Moon has over 250k followers and averages 3000 likes per post.

Sika Moon

Lil Miquela

The Instagram account of Lil Miquela boasts over 2.5 million followers, making it the most prominent illustration of a virtual influencer.

Lil Miquela

This serves as evidence that AI influencers are indeed a real phenomenon, capable of being monetized with skillful execution.

1. Design Your AI Influencer (In Your Mind)

create ai influencers

The first thing is choosing your niche and thinking of what the AI influencer should look like.

Think of details such as hair color, nationality, hobbies, etc.

This process starts in your own mind and should be written down so you can retrieve the information later on and maintain a consistent personal brand for such an AI influencer.

For the sake of this post, we'll create an AI girl called Riley Barby.

Riley Barby is a 19-year-old Russian girl with blonde hair. She is very feminine. She often travels the world and has a personal OnlyFans account. Riley loves wearing feminine and sexy clothes all the time.

With this description, we can now generate the first pictures until we find a girl that we like and want to use for our AI influencer.

2. Generating the First Pictures

create ai influencers

To generate pictures on SeducedAI, you'll need an active plan (Pro or greater membership) and some credits.

Opt for the 'advanced (prompt)' section for more control, using the 'Surreale' AI model and a vertical aspect ratio for realistic results.

Craft a prompt resembling your AI influencer description, like (a beautiful Russian girl), blonde hair, feminine, young, headshot.

Use the output to select the perfect image for Riley Barby.

create ai influencers

3. Saving the AI Girl

save your ai influencer girl

Once you've found your preferred AI girl, click 'save girl,' name it if desired, and find it in the girls section.

Clicking the card allows you to generate more pictures with the same AI girl, ensuring consistency with SeducedAI.

4. Generating New Pictures with the AI Influencer

generate ai influencer pictures

Generate more pictures by clicking the 'generate' button on the girl's page and using a prompt like "a beautiful Russian girl, blonde hair, feminine, young, full body shot, Bali, traveling, beach."

This straightforward process ensures a variety of images.

create ai influencers
create ai influencers

5. Creating the AI Influencer's Social Media Pages

create ai influencers social media pages

With your AI girl and pictures ready, create social media pages on platforms like Instagram, OnlyFans, or Fanvue.

6. Tips for Your AI Influencer

tips for your ai influencer

Maintain consistency and offer variety in your AI influencer's images to keep followers engaged.

Interact with followers as if your AI influencer were real. In Riley Barby's case, her behavior should reflect her feminine persona, achievable through automation with chatbots and language models like LLama.

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