Things You Should Know About AI Deepfakes & 'Undress' Apps

Why are non-consensual deepfakes prohibited on Seduced? Why do we require consent?

Things You Should Know About AI Deepfakes & 'Undress' Apps


The appeal of AI-generated adult content, commonly known as deepfakes, is understandable. It lets people explore fantasies and see individuals in ways that were once confined to their imagination.

However, the legality and ethical concerns surrounding bringing these fantasies to life raise questions.

In this post, we'll delve into this issue.

While many individuals using this technology have harmless intentions, a small fraction may exploit it for malicious purposes, such as defamation or revenge.

Banks and MasterCard

Beyond the legal implications of creating deepfakes, an important reason for AI platforms restricting this feature is its impact on financial transactions with banks and MasterCard.

Although some AI art platforms allow the generation of nude images resembling real people, this practice is illegal and violates the terms of service of payment processors used by these platforms. Consequently, these platforms are at risk of having their payment accounts frozen or being compelled to remove the feature.

While offering tempting revenue opportunities, embracing such features may lead to severe long-term problems, making it an imprudent choice for Seduced.

Cryptocurrency and The Blockchain

SeducedAI permits users to employ this functionality for cryptocurrency transactions, provided they undergo 'model verification.'

This process entails submitting a valid government-issued document along with a selfie of the individual holding a piece of paper containing the text 'Consent for Seduced.AI.'

Defamation and Revenge Porn

The primary concern against AI-generated adult content lies in the potential misuse of the created content to harm individuals.

Even though only a small percentage may have harmful intentions, the risks associated with this misuse are substantial and can result in legal consequences for both the users and the platform.

Deepfakes of AI-Generated Characters

An exception to the concerns arises when the "deepfake" involves a 100% AI-generated person with no resemblance to any real individual or celebrity.

SeducedAI's "replicate girl" feature, allowing the reuse of AI-generated characters in new scenarios, aligns with this exception.

Copyright Infringement

AI platforms face the risk of copyright infringement if users upload images that violate third-party copyrights. It's crucial for platforms to review user-uploaded images to prevent such infringements.

Why we are strict with such requirements

While aiming to satisfy customers, SeducedAI maintains strict legal and ethical standards for long-term success. This approach minimizes the risk of legal issues for both the platform and its users.

Our Use Case For Adult Content Creators and Pornstars

SeducedAI introduced the "replicate face" feature for content creators and pornstars who wish to generate personalized content easily. This feature is intended for legal and ethical use, catering to creators on platforms like OnlyFans.

It's for this reason that the feature is intended to be used legally and ethically.

What Do You Risk?

Creating and sharing non-consensual deepfakes is illegal in many jurisdictions and is unlikely to become legal due to its severe consequences. Violations are often related to defamation and revenge porn, and users are advised to understand the laws in their jurisdiction to avoid legal issues.